First No Junk Food Day Success

 Photograph by Marko Dušuk of Hungry Foodography

Photograph by Marko Dušuk of Hungry Foodography

Reflecting on i-NJFD

Today marks two months since the first ever International No Junk Food Day!  A report on how the day went is long overdue.  

A group of us passed out bananas to promote real food awareness in Washington, D.C.; Chef Jose Andrés and Kathryn Budig supported the effort on Twitter, as did Cambridge, Massachusetts-based business Local Pickins.  Strong online supporters also included Austin Texas attorney Cynthia Herrera; NYC Career and Personal Development Coach, Catharine Zurbrugg; Daniel and Lindsay Stark of Stark Photography; among a long list of other wonderful people.

Congratulations to all who, on March 30, 2015, made an extra effort to eat healthy!  We switched out a snack, drank an additional glass of water, or at least thought about food in a slightly different way.  Some people reported learning about NJFD "too late" because they had already eating something unhealthy.  But all were encouraged to join in - it's never too late to eat more veggies or drink an extra glass of water!       

Peace, Health, and Love through Food

And with that, the next logical question is:  What's next for Int'l No Junk Food Day?  See you next March 30?  No way! We need food every day, and most of you reading this have the option to choose what you eat.  What a gift!  

i-NJFD was created to remind us that eating clean, healthy, and beautiful food is awesome.  It's also easier than we think.  Let's strive to be kind to mother nature, budget friendly, and build healthy brains and bodies with our food.  

More stories to come ... more fresh foods to explore ... eat up!