Introducing No Junk Food Day

 Photograph by Marko Dušuk of Hungry Foodography

Photograph by Marko Dušuk of Hungry Foodography


Erica Duncan, a friend and owner of the Business Alchemist, challenged me to do something outrageous today. I'd like to declare March 30 International No Junk Food Day.

As I walked outside around lunchtime today, I realized that stores and restaurants sell a lot of junk food. I thought it would be awesome if on one day stores and restaurants took junk food off their menus. But that's completely unrealistic! A little more realistically I thought: "wouldn't it be great if people committed to eat no junk food... not for 40 days... not for 30 days... not for 20... but just on ONE."

What is junk food? Create whatever rules you want! For me, it will mean eliminating all baked and boxed foods, as well as foods with added sugar, salt, and fat.

On February 26, I had the great pleasure of spending some time serving as volunteer at the Partnership for a Healthier America Summit.  I heard First Lady Michelle Obama speak and was among the few who shook her hand!  

At the Summit, Michelle Obama said "gimme five" new healthy things to celebrate 5 years of the Let's Move program.  Do 5 push-ups, take the stairs, try 5 new recipes.  Well, on March 30, International No Junk Food Day, try sticking to 5 "real foods" all day: vegetables, proteins, grains, fruit and water.

I'd love for all of you, your friends, family, and everyone across the globe to join in. And if you eat zero junk food every day, then use this opportunity to create awareness and prompt others to join you. Health problems related to weight are a worldwide issue.  Food security (having access to fresh food and the financial means to buy food) is also a real struggle for people everywhere.  I think this has real potential to make a difference - even if for just 1 day.

I learned today that a "national day" exists for every baked good and unhealthy food you can imagine (from doughnuts to cheese-it thingies). There is even a National Junk Food Day, as if we don't get enough junk food throughout the year.  So let's launch International No Junk Food Day!! I can't do it alone though.... help me make this happen - at least among good friends.

I can't wait to hear all you accomplish on the ONE day in the whole year we commit to zero junk food.  And if your b-day falls on March 30, observe it on March 29 or 31 instead - I like to be realistic!!