V's End of the Year Resolution Eating Game (#VSRES) // Propósitos de Fin de Año del Comer de V (#VSRES)


End of the Year

October 2015. Already. The holidays are right around the corner. Meanwhile, the Fall brings with it bright colorful leaves, crisp air, as well as tons of Halloween candy and "pumpkin" muffins, scones, cakes, pie, coffee, creamer, doughnuts, candy, and just about everything you can imagine (some with questionable ingredients!).  See image on the left - it depicts what likely awaits you on those upcoming coffee breaks and holiday parties. 

A Resolution...

Over the weekend, I talked to a friend who told me she wanted to eat better from now through the end of the year. How brave! At this point in the year most people wait for January to change their diet.  After all, who wants to ruin the Fall and holiday season with food restrictions?   

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Erica Duncan, owner of the Business Alchemist, proposed playing an "End of the Year Resolution Game."  Set a goal or intention to accomplish in these last few months of the year.  

Thanks to these two lovely ladies, the NJFD #VSRES - or V's End of the Year Resolution Eating Game - is ON.

Eating (better) through the Holidays

Last week, I decided to commit to getting fitter over the next few months. At the same time, I too want to "enjoy" the holidays. By "enjoying" the holidays, I am not referring to singing carols with family and writing greeting cards. Unfortunately! (It could mean that, but - alas - for me, it doesn't). Of course, "enjoying" the holidays to me means that I want to eat and drink foods that are high in salt, sugar, and fat. I want to do this and suffer none of the consequences. Not happening. 

#VSRES is about "enjoying" the holidays in moderation. You're invited to watch, and join me in the fun.  Everyone's goals may be different, but feeling accomplished by the end of the year, and a little less bloated and fatigued for eating healthier (even if just slightly), is what matters. Might as well get a head start on that New Year Diet Resolution!! Whoever feels the best by the end of the year WINS. 

Let the Game Begin!  

The image on the right features everything I ate today. I started the day with Ezekiel bread, almond butter, a little honey, and cocoa nibs (wasn't too hungry this morning). I had a couple mini-apples as snacks. Wish I had packed some additional sources of protein because by the time I got home I was hungry. Wound up munching on about 5 prunes. Had several cups of mint tea and water at work. 80-90 ounces of clean liquids is my ideal goal. Sipped on a little bit of wine at home - antioxidants! Would've preferred to drink more water. All the same, I wasn't too hungry for dinner, so I ate most of the greens and left part of the meat, beans, peppers as leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I'll share some of what I think about food in my posts. A vlog may be coming up next - the suggestion has been made more than once now.

Without question, the #VSRES game promises to be a challenge for me. Hoping my efforts help you reach your goals and navigate the holiday season with success!

(Spanish translation of this post to come)