Int'l No Junk Food Day Challenge

The i-NJFD Challenge:  Eat NO Junk Food for 1 day

What is “junk food”?  You define it!

The goal is to be a little more mindful about what we eat for 1 day.  

   -  Replace a candy bar or granola bar with fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts

   - Drink water or tea/coffee instead of soda

   - Pack your own lunch or make dinner

Whatever effort you choose to make, you do it for just 1 day to celebrate healthy food! 

If eating no junk food for 1 day sounds too easy - then participate in the Ultimate Take 5 Challenge: 

  • Eat only fresh vegetables, proteins, real grains, and fruit (nothing processed using more than three ingredients)
  • Drink water or unsweetened plain coffee/tea only  
  • Discover new fresh foods - replace your daily quinoa for buckwheat, eat fresh kale instead of buying packaged "kale chips", try jícama for the first time

Those of you with b-days and events on March 30 can still participate.  No need to give up on your birthday cake.  Just plan on eating one healthier meal.  Or take on the challenge on March 29 or 31 instead.

Other ideas for i-NJFD include: 

- Don’t buy junk food (however you define it) on March 30  

- Plan on making a healthy meal at home

- Eat a veggie or fruit as a snack during the day instead of the usual

- Try something that is both healthy and new 

Whatever you do, let’s do it together on March 30!

Take photo of healthy foods you ate, glasses of water you drank, because of No Junk Food Day: hashtag them #nojunkfood1day and #intlnojunkfoodday

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